The Sowenna Unit

Sowenna is an NHS unit run by Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust. The unit provides inpatient treatment for young people aged between 13 and 18. The unit also offers a day patient service, some of these young people may have been in-patients who have progressed to day patients; others may be admitted as day patients. We offer an environment where young people may be assessed and treated for mental health problems. Most of the young people who are admitted to Sowenna come from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, although some come from further afield. We aim to achieve a balance between keeping your stay in hospital as short as possible, while ensuring you make the fullest possible recovery. Although we have to treat some young people against their wishes under the Mental Health Act, we endeavour to involve you and your family in all aspects of treatment and to gain your full consent. During your stay on the unit there will be a team of people who will work closely with you to offer you the most effective treatment based on evidence-based practice.
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