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Bed Blocking (A Horrible Term) - A Low-Cost Solution To Delayed Transfer Of Care, Bed Shortages And Inefficiencies In Multi-Agency Collaboration
21/02/2020 07:22 PM 0
"Delayed transfers – also referred to as ‘DTOCs’ or sometimes, often in the media, described as ‘bed-blocking’ – can cause considerable distress and unnecessarily long stays in hospital for patients."
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How can an interactive 360 VR tour help the NHS/ medical professionals?

"Assessments must be made of the additional support and care patients will need after leaving hospital, such as care workers providing support for daily activities, and installing handrails within patient’s homes to improve their safety and mobility. Delays can arise because a patient’s assessments are not planned and completed before they have recovered sufficiently to be discharged. Completing an early assessment of onward care needs generally requires agreement from a multidisciplinary group of acute clinicians, social workers and other care workers. This can be a time-consuming and complex process." ... "Delayed transfers – also referred to as ‘DTOCs’ or sometimes, often in the media, described as ‘bed-blocking’ – can cause considerable distress and unnecessarily long stays in hospital for patients." Source The Kings Fund

A typical tour such as the one here (please follow link to access the interactive elements) can be created within 90 minutes, uploaded, annotated, published and shared within one working day.

This facilitates multiple parties accessing the patients property, OTs' notes, accurate measurements and care notes etc from any smart device or desktop anywhere in the world 24/7.  This reduces or eliminates difficult to coordinate and costly multiple site visits which may well add further delays, cost and distress into the process. 

Furthermore, engineers to fit ramps/ alarm pulls etc can arrive on site knowing exactly where to go, where to fit the item and, have detailed downloadable PDF's or video information on how to fit unfamiliar or new items and where services (electricity, gas and water) are within the home.

'Soft’, in-tour information' for carers also makes their job easier and greatly improves patient care.

Key elements

·         Multi-agency remote cooperation (social services, OTs’ Hospital, patient/ family, engineers etc.)

·         Time saving

·         Cost saving without cutting corners

·         Patient distress reduction

·         Reduced delayed transfers of care numbers

·         Improved bed availability

·         Greater care

·        Reduced patient and professionals stress

View interactive example tour for OTs' and associated multi-agency partners 

The typical cost? For a tour of this size, hosted on an annual contract, less than £2 per day in year one and less than £0.50 per day in year two at current prices. Compared to the costs of current waste, delays, inefficiencies, patient and patient carer/ family distress (with ancillary associated costs), we believe this solution offers a cost negative solution.

To discuss implementing this in your department, hospital or social care team, please call Chris Wood +44 01736 339405 or email me at





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