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RNLI Lifeboat Safety On The Water And Fun Activity - Tour The Ivan Ellen Penlee Lifeboat
22/03/2020 09:47 AM 0
Explore the RNLI Penlee lifeboat with some activities to do and share together or remotely with children, grandchildren, family and friends. Enjoy, stay safe and be part of the solution.
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Find the chart in the lifeboat (a chart is what maps of the sea and coast are called)

  1. What is the name of the navigation tool on top of the chart called? (You’re allowed to Google that if you need to).

  2. The casualty area is down below. How many chairs are there in the casualty area

  3. Using the information point links within the tour, find how to stay safe in and on the water and write down 10 ways you can stay safe and help others if they get into difficulty.

Invent a game where the floor is the sea or a lake and your furniture is safe land. Take turns at being the Lifeboat crew and coastguard taking the emergency call, staying calm while you give advice and come to the rescue.

Find the engine room.

What make are the engines?

Switch to the ‘plan’ view (bottom left icons) and use the measuring tool (ruler icon) to measure the length and width (or ‘beam’ as it’s called on a boat) of the Ivan Ellen.

Use the links to find out more about the unpaid, very brave and selfless men and women who volunteer to save lives at sea and, if you’re able, consider using the ‘donate’ link to help equip and train them to save more lives.

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