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"Government Investment Backs Museums Of The Future"
30/01/2020 04:21 PM 0
"Britain’s cultural treasures could be made accessible from our homes, schools and public libraries thanks to a £19 million government investment."
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Great cultural News from the Government and even better that some Cornish Museums are already leading the way in their use of VR.

"Museums can be the perfect fusion between the sciences and the arts, with the creative sector and the humanities working together with new technologies to change how we can experience culture. Creating more ways of seeing and engaging with the treasure trove of experiences available at museums and exhibitions of all kinds means that we are at the forefront of designing the museums of the future.

The government is determined to build on this reputation by investing through programmes like this to expand access to our cultural riches.

This cutting-edge programme will help UK museums engage visitors with innovative new immersive experiences – as well as supercharging knowledge-sharing within our world-leading research sector."  Science Minister Chris Skidmore

The article goes on to say that - Online interactive tours or live streams would open up the national collection to a diverse audience consuming culture and research - such as younger generations who spend more time online - and would also offer remote access options to those with mobility issues or in rural areas. - with Arts Minister Helen Whately saying "Our museums and galleries teach us about our past and help us to better understand the world around us. This funding will see cutting-edge tech enhance the visitor experience, providing exciting new ways for people to explore our history."

Ocean 3D has already created tours for The Museum of Cornish Life and Bodmin Keep - Cornwalls' Army museum 


If you are involved with the running of a museum and would like to discuss how these government grants to use VR can make your location and exhibits more inclusive as well as generating more visitors please call us on +44 (0) 1736 339405 or email us on 

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'Our Beautiful Babe' - Explore And Learn About The Last WW2 Lancaster Bomber In The World To Be Rebuilt
26/03/2020 04:40 PM 0
The Avro Lancaster bomber was an iconic British aircraft of World War Two along with the Supermarine Spitfire. In a quiet corner of a Cornish Airfield, 'Our Beautiful Babe' is being lovingly restored making her the last in the world to be rebuilt. This 360 VR tour and fun activity doesn't need a headset to be enjoyed but you can explore and learn more about the aircraft and the brave people who served in her and thousands like her. Please feel free to share our tour widely with friends and family. Enjoy!
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Welcome to ‘Our Beautiful Babe’, the last RAFRCAF Avro Lancaster to be restored in the world.
You can just explore this iconic plane in The earliest stage of her restoration or, you can take our fun activity/ quiz with most of the answers being hidden within the tour on our information points.
The tour can also be viewed with Google Cardboard or,Oculus.
This activity is aimed at a range of people/ ages and not all content/ questions may be considered appropriate for everyone. Please use your own discretion.

Q1. How many Lancasters were built during WW2?
Q2. Find the planes number
Q3. Using the measuring tool and Google (the ruler icon in the bottom left of the tour), measure the length and width of the fuselage (plane). Is it longer than your local bus? How much wider is your local bus?
Q4. What famous wartime operation did Lancaster bombers take part in that was later turned into a film?
Q5. What was that operation called?
Q5. Find out the name of the leader of that operation.
Q6. Draw a picture of that operation
Q7. What was the largest bomb carried by a Lancaster?
Q8. What was that bomb called?
Q9. How many brave servicemen didn’t come back from their missions?
Q10. Write a poem about people affected by War
Q11. Discuss how wars could be prevented in future and why some wars can’t.
Q12. Challenge your friends to the quiz and compare scores.
Q13. Write your own quiz/ activity using this 360 tour or, another on in our Gallery and share with us. We’ll publish the best.

Thank you for taking our quiz/ activity. If you’ve enjoyed it, please share it with your friends/ family/ on social media or, write us a review on Google and Facebook.
Thank you
Chris Wood
Ocean 3D Ltd.

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