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Childrens Treasure Hunt. Fun Activity For Families At Home To Do.
20/03/2020 09:35 AM 0
A VR treasure hunt and fun activity for families (no headset required)
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Using our 360 tour of @GWRUK Penzance Station 

  1. Can you find the ‘Night Riviera’ waiting room?

  2. Using the 3D tour, find, the two huge paintings in the photos below.
What is the engine number of the train on platform one?

Use the ‘measure’ tool (bottom left of the tour) to measure how wide the opening is at the gate to platform four.

Use the measure tour to work out the area of the tile mural near platform one.

If you were taking a train trip today, where would you go?
Who would you take with you?
Why would you take them with you?
What would you pack for your picnic?
Draw a picture of what you want to see most when you get there.

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