OCEAN3 PAYMENT OPTIONS BASED ON A TYPICAL 0 - 60 scan positions (equivalent floor area to a three-bedroom semi-detached home) and one year of hosting*.


£ 0 / Up-front
12 months contract * 12-months hosting £50 pcm Further hosting £10 pcm


£ 100 / Up-front
6 months contract * 6-months hosting £45 pcm Further hosting £10 pcm


£ 175 / Up-front
No minimum contract * Hosting £10 pcm  

* Cancelling hosting will mean that the 3D model will be removed from the servers and will not be visible to you or the public. The models will be stored for 3 months and then be deleted from the servers unless hosting is re-activated. Reactivation will cost an administration charge of £50.00 plus VAT. If a model has been deleted, a new scan will be required. Ocean3D™ include an initial half hour of editing time for Mattertags™ and links (which must be supplied in a proof-read format at the time of the scan). Further editing time to renew links or add additional details that are not due to an error by Ocean3D™ will be charged at £50 per hour or part thereof. All figures are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated and are billed monthly in advance

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